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Seventh-day Adventist

Seventh-day Adventists


I'm still learning about this congregation. Do you know more about them? I would be happy to hear from you!

A Seventh-day Adventist congregation was active in Kamloops as early as the 1950's, with Church Directory ads mentioning their meetings at the Masonic Hall and later renting space in the Full Gospel Tabernacle at 1365 Tranquille Road.

November 1962: A donation was left by Mrs. Rose Lytle at her passing. This was the beginning of a building fund.

November 1963: Enough money was raised to purchase the property at the corner of Fortune Drive and Juniper Avenue.

April 1965: 35 people were present for the ground-breaking for the new church building. The construction was completed by the end of the year.

Meeting Places

Masonic Hall
1365 Tranquile Rd - Full Gospel Tabernacle
364 Fortune Drive

Leadership History

G W Reid (from Vernon)
L R Krenzler (from Vernon)
C Long (from Vernon)

Congregation Website


Meeting Times

Saturday 10am

Information Sources

Congregation website

1965. “Seventh Day Adventists Start New Church in N. Kamloops”. Kamloops Daily Sentinel. 17 April 1965. A06.