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South End of Crestline Street

Crestline Street Church

Lord of Life Lutheran's History page mentions a Lutheran chapel that was built "on donated land" not long after first worship services in 1925. Back then they were called Zion Lutheran Church. The 'Kamloops Lutheran History' page on Hills of Peace Lutheran Church's website contains a link to a document (BC Perspectives, March 1973) which talks about a church built by "Zion Lutheran Church". A map in the document suggests that that building was located at the south end of Crestline Street in Brocklehurst.

This building no longer exists.

In 1955 the congregation moved to a new building.


Approximately 1925: Building constructed

1955: Original congregation (Zion's Lutheran Church) moved to a building on Linden Avenue.

Congregation Website:


Sources: March 1973, BC Perspectives. Found on Hills of Peace Lutheran Church's website (pdf)