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Battle and 2nd

Sacred Heart Catholic Church

There once stood a church at roughly the corner of Battle Street and 2nd Avenue, near the present-day Cenotaph in downtown Kamloops. It was built in 1887 by the Sacred Heart Catholic Church congregation on 5 March 1919, the building was destroyed by a fire.

The Sacred Heart Catholic Church congregation eventually built a new church at 255 Nicola Street, where they currently meet.


1887: The building was constructed by the Sacred Heart Catholic Church. The first Mass was celebrated in December.

August 1890: Altar completed. A paragraph in The Inland Sentinel describes the altar, after painting was completed by Mr Alfred Morris: “The base of the altar is finished in Verde antique marble, while the pillar supports are of red and grey granite, and panels of red granite and sandstone. The representations of stone and perfect, while the whole effect is very artistic, showing the work of a master hand.”

1889: The first parish priest was assigned to the congregation.

5 March 1919: The building was destroyed by a fire.

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