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Kamloops Mennonite Fellowship

Mennonite Church BC


I'm still learning about this congregation. Do you know more about them? I would be happy to hear from you!

1963: United Mennonite Churches of BC started looking at Kamloops as a place for a new mission.

September 1966: Three families in Kamloops started a Bible Study group.

February 1967: John and Lydia Hiebert were placed in Kamloops as local leaders.

24 November 1968: John Hiebert was ordained as a minister and the Kamloops Mennonite Fellowship became an official congregation.

1972: The Hieberts left Kamloops. Meetings continued in member homes. The congregation maintained connections with the Mennonite Church in Canada, but did not want formal ties to it.

1976: The Kamloops Mennonite Fellowship formally dissolved due to low membership and attendance.

Meeting Places

Personal home in Brocklehurst

Leadership History

1967-1972: John Hiebert

Congregation Website


Meeting Times


Information Sources

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