Get Involved

I hope you've had a chance to explore the Kamloops Faith History website! If you would like to contribute to or help with the project, then here are a few ways you might do that:

Visit A Congregation

The most helpful way you can contribute to this ongoing project is to visit a congregation! It helps keep congregation and place-of-worship information up to date.

Visiting a congregation, talking to congregants, and perhaps worshipping with them (where appropriate) is a great way to learn more about a faith group, build bridges in the community, and find the kind of information that this website shares. Prepare yourself with a couple of questions, select and visit any congregation, then reach out to me afterwards about the experience!

Keep in mind that not every faith group meets when, where, and how you might be familiar with. Do a bit of research and, ideally, contact someone from that group to learn about how to dress and behave appropriately during your first visit.

Share Photos

As interesting as the written information is on this website, it's also fascinating to see past and present photos of buildings, congregation milestones, and more.

If you own a great photo of a place of worship and you think it might be of value to this website, please reach out to chat about sharing a digital copy! Any images used on the site will be attributed to the person who shares them.

Share Information

I welcome messages sent to correct incorrect information, fill in missing information, point me in the right direction to someone who might have more information, or update information when changes occur.

Give a Small Donation

If giving financially is what you’re most comfortable with, then reach out to ask about giving a donation! Small donations help towards keeping this website operating and paying for permissions to publish certain historical resources.

I appreciate all contributions to this project. Thank you to everyone who has ever helped it move forward!