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Ridgecrest Baptist Church

Baptist (Southern Baptist)


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In early 1956, the Southern Baptist Mission was organized in Kamloops at Odd Fellows Hall. Within a couple of years they had purchased land at the corner of 9th Avenue and Fraser Street and built a church. That same year, the congregation was renamed to Ridgecrest Baptist Church, which meant their building took on the same name.

Ridgecrest Baptist Church launched a mission church in 1989 called New Hope Baptist Church - who met at Valleyview Hall. In 1994, Ridgecrest and New Hope Baptist Churches decided to amalgamate, changing their name to Hillcrest Baptist Church.

Hillcrest Baptist Church eventually moved to 805 Sherbrooke Avenue and changed their name to Cornerstone Baptist Church.

Key Dates for Ridgecrest Baptist Church:

Early 1956: Kamloops Southern Baptist Mission congregation formally organized at Oddfellow Hall.

May 1958: Land purchased at the corner of 9th Avenue and Fraser Street

4 May 1958: Now that they were building a church building, Kamloops Southern Baptist Church changed its name to Ridgecrest Baptist Church.

14 June 1959: Ridgecrest congregation moved into their newly completed building for its first services.

25 June 1989: The congregation launched a mission church called New Hope Baptist Church. The new congregation began meeting at Valleyview Hall.

21 August 1994: Ridgecrest and New Hope combined and called themselves Hillcrest Baptist Church. They began to meet exclusively at the Ridgecrest Church.

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Conversation with Pastor Zacharie of Cornerstone Baptist Church (June 2023)

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