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Zion Lutheran Church

Lutheran - Missouri Synod


I'm still learning about this congregation. Do you know more about them? I would be happy to hear from you!

Between 1925 and 1930: Due to a decreasing number of Chinese workers, Fruitlands BC (the company who owned the Brocklehurst area) started looking for new workers. They offered to pay immigrants to come and work. The Lutheran Immigration Board responded by working with CPRail. They recruited approximately 30 Eastern European families to work for Fruitlands BC. All of the families were Lutheran. As families arrived in Kamloops, they were met by Lutheran Rev. Carl Pfotenhauer.

1925: Pastor Werning of Revelstoke conducted the first Divine Worship Service in a local home.

1926: Operated Sunday School and services out of Tranquille TB Sanitorium.

1928: Received first resident pastor

Between 1925 and 1935: The congregation built a building somewhere in the Brocklehurst area.

1936: A split in the congregation led to some leaving for Ohio Synod.

1955: Built a new church on Linden Ave. Called it The Lutheran Church of The Good Shepherd. Began meeting there.

1982: A separate congregation, The Lord of Life congregation, was created from the Zion Lutheran congregation in order to serve the Valleyview area. They shared the Linden Ave building until 1989, when Lord of Life moved to Sunset Dr.

1988: Joined the Lutheran Church - Canada (LCC) denomination.

1996: Moved to the Sunset Dr building to merge with the Lord of Life congregation. Zion Lutheran, as a standalone congregation, was discontinued.

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