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200 Chilcotin Road

St. Joseph's Catholic Church

200 Chilcotin Road is a church at the west end of Chilcotin Way on the Kamloops Indian Reserve. As part of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Kamloops, it is called St Joseph's Catholic Church.

St Joseph's Church is the oldest church in Kamloops, originally built in 1846. It was built jointly by early Catholic missionaries and the Secwepemc (the Shuswap people). Originally it was a log cabin, but has been rebuilt and restored until it became the building it is today. Today, it is a Canadian Heritage Site.

The church doesn't appear to host any particular Catholic congregation, but is open in summer and offers weekend Mass on the first Sunday of every month.


1846: Log church built on the site

1882: New log church built on the site

1900: Log church demolished, except for the tower. New frame structure built around it.

1985: Full restoration project completed.

Congregation Website:



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