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159 Seymour Street

St. Andrew's on the Square

159 Seymour Street is St Andrew's on the Square, the oldest public building in Kamloops. It's currently owned by the City of Kamloops. The land was donated by CPRail, with the building constructed by the local Presbyterian congregation. Although not quite completed, the building opened and dedicatory services were held on New Year's Day, 1888.

Many congregations have used the building over the years. In 1991 the building was purchased by the City of Kamloops to prevent its demolition. Its operation was contracted to the Kamloops Heritage Society until January 2022, when operations were handed back to the City.

St Andrew's on the Square is the oldest public building in Kamloops, but not the oldest Church in Kamloops.

Congregations that have been associated with this building:

Currently no congregations meet in St Andrew's on the Square.


1887: Presbyterians in Kamloops started raising the $5000 they would need to build a church.

September 1887: Contract to build the church awarded to the Hill Bros. Construction of the church began on a piece of land donated by CPRail.

1 January 1888: The "Presbyterian church" was opened and dedicatory services were held.(Click to read the 1888 newspaper report of the opening of the church)

June 1888: Pulpit donated by Mr James. It was oak, stained a natural tone, inlaid with walnut, and upholstered with hair cloth.

16 September 1888: Re-opening services. The church was not completed when the opening and dedicatory services were held earlier in the year. At some point it closed so it could be completed, then re-opened on this date.

15 February 1891: During the church's 2-year anniversary services, it was lit up by electricity for the first time.

1925: "Church Union" occurred. Presbyterians and Methodists united to become the United Church. The new "Kamloops United Church" began meeting here.

1927: Kamloops United Church moved to a new building.

1942: The building was purchased by the Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada, who renamed it "Calvary Temple".

1945: A building restoration occurred.

1958: Addition constructed on the south of the building.

1991: To prevent demolition, the building was purchased by the City of Kamloops. At some point, operation of the building was contracted to the Kamloops Historical Society.

1996-1998: Restored.

2022: Operation of the building was handed back to the City of Kamloops.

2 May 2024: The building caught fire.

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