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360 Nicola Street

St. Paul's Cathedral

360 Nicola Street is a large church in Downtown Kamloops, at the northwest corner of 4th Avenue and Nicola Street.

The building was originally constructed by the Anglican church in 1888 on Main Street (West Victoria Street). The congregation had been meeting in a log cabin until a man in England offered a grant of $500 to the congregation if they would begin building a church before the 31st of October, 1888. So, they began. Land was purchased and a sod-turning event happened in May 1888. After the previous meetingplace sold in October of the year, construction officially began in November.

A few decades later, the building was taken down and reconstructed at its current location on Nicola Avenue. At that time (and occasionally since then) significant structural changes have occurred.

The building is the Anglican Cathedral for The Territory of the People (similar to an Anglican Diocese).


1888: The building was constructed in the 100 Block of Main St (Victoria Street West). The original cornerstone and east wall stained glass still exist today.

16 May 1888:Sod-turning event on the site of the future church, with the building committee

24 May 1888:Cornerstone laid for new building on Main Street.

October 1888: October 1888: land and log cabin that had been used as a temporary church are sold. Proceeds go towards building the new church

November 1888: Construction began.

1890s: A rectory was built near the building. It was sold during World War 1, but payment was not received, so it was taken back. It was resold in 1922.

1906: Organ installed

1907: Church expanded with a schoolroom.

Easter 1909: Pulpit presented to the church by Mrs. H. G. Cornwall

1924: Removed from Main street, reconstructed at corner of 4th Avenue and Nicola Street, and enlargement of building.

15 October 1924:Cornerstone of new building laid to elaborate Anglican and Masonic ceremonies.

1954: Sturctural changes were made to the building. The chancel was enlarged, altar was moved from east to west, and a vestry, chapel, and parish hall were incorporated into the building. A steeple was erected on top of the main entrance, and magnificent beams and rafters supported the sanctuary ceiling.

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