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421 St. Paul Street

Kamloops United Church

421 St Paul Street is a large church in Kamloops at the corner of St Paul Street and 4th Avenue. The site originally had a building constructed by a local Methodist congregation. After Church Union with the Presbyterian congregation, the new "Kamloops United Church" decided to meet in another building. After a coupe of years they returned. Eventually they demolished the original building, constructed the current building, and added a large, connected office building on the East side (429 St Paul).

The Kamloops United Church congregation still meets in this building.


1911: Original building constructed by the Methodist congregation

1925: After Church Union with the Presbyterians, the new congregation ("Kamloops United Church") moved to a new building.

1927: Kamloops United Church returned and began meeting in this building again.

1979: The 1911 building was demolished

April 1980: Construction of the new sanctuary was completed, and first worship services were held.

1981: Founder of the Kamloops Food Bank starts the food bank in the building.

2012: The 1980 building is redeveloped to prepare it for demolition and redevelopment of the Christian Education Centre (429 St Paul St)

2015: Construction of 429 St Paul St completed.

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