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Kamloops United Church

United Church of Canada


I'm still learning about this congregation. Do you know more about them? I would be happy to hear from you!

1925: Church Union - Methodists and Presbyterians in Kamloops united as part of the formation of the United Church of Canada. They choose to meet at 159 Seymour.

1927: The newly united congregation moved from 159 Seymour to 421 St Paul.

1953: A donation was given to the congregation to purchase land at Shuswap Lake to be used as a Scout Camp. That land became Camp Grafton.

1961: KUC added the Christian Education Centre to their chapel

1969: the congregation opened the KUC Thrift Shop.

1979/1980: Demolisheed the church and rebuilt. First worship services in the new sanctuary were held in April 1980.

2012: Redeveloped the sanctuary (in preparation for demolition and redevelopment of Christian Education Centre - 429 St Paul)

2013: Opening ceremony of the new sanctuary.

2015: Construction of 429 St Paul building.

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