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2805 Highway 5A, Knutsford

Ayesha Mosque

2805 Highway 5A in Knutsford is a Muslim Mosque used by the Kamloops Islamic Association. It's unknown when the building was constructed, but it was established as a mosque in 2007. The property was a residential property that was rezoned in 2009

Ayesha Mosque is still used by the Kamloops Islamic Association.


2007: Home and .4 hectares purchased in Knutsford for the eventual development of a mosque.

February 2009: TNRD directors vote to approve rezoning the property. A height restriction of 12 metres was set as a condition of the rezoning. Ayesha Mosque was officially established.

2011/2012: Renovations completed on Ayesha Mosque.

16 February 2019: "Open Mosque Day". Along with many mosques across Canada, Ayesha Mosque was open to the public for tours.

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