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Holy Trinity
Ukrainian Catholic

Ukrainian Catholic


I'm still learning about this congregation. Do you know more about them? I would be happy to hear from you!

30 April 1951: A Raffle and Dance was held at Colombo Hall to raise funds for building a Ukrainian Catholic Hall

1954: The Ukrainian Catholic Women’s League was organized. By March 1954 there were 18 members. Mrs. William Warsimage was the president.

26 September 1954: The inscribed stone on the front of the building was blessed and cemented. The stone holds church records. Ceremonies began at 9am, with the blessing and cementing taking place outside at 11:30. His Excellency, Most Rev. Bishop Neal Savaryn, O.S.B.M. officiated (visiting from Edmonton). A chicken dinner was held after the ceremonies and addresses.

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This cornerstone, written in Ukrainian, translates to:

1953 P.B. Ibryva Presv, Given To The Trinity On The 700th Anniversary Of The Coronation Of The King Of Ukraine.

1956: Around Easter-time, the residence behind the church hall was built.

1958: The domes were completed at the top of the building.

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Meeting Places

118 Don Street
The official address changed over the years, with the building originally addressed on Leigh Road, then Tranquille Road, the finally Don Street.

Leadership History

Until Nov 1953: Rev A Lischynsky
Nov 1953 - Jan 1956: Rev. M. Hanuschewsky (travelled from Grindrod each Sunday, then moved into church residence in Kamloops around Easter 1955)
Rev. Woloshyn
Rev. Marko Stek
Friar W J Kuchta
Current: Rev. Andrzej Wasylinko

Congregation Website


Meeting Times

Sundays 10am

Information Sources

Congregation website
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Kamloops Heritage Commission plaque at building entrance (pictured above)
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