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Corner of 3rd and Seymour

Methodist Church (1888)

After a few months of meeting on alternating weeks in the new Presbyterian Church, the Methodist congregation resolved to build their own church. The building was completed September of 1888, on Church Street (now Seymour Street) and 3rd Avenue. The building was likely demolished sometime after the Methodist congregation left in 1911.

An interesting event that occurred in the building was the foundation of the Kamloops Total Abstinence Society and Band of Hope. Throughout 1889, this group met often with Reverend Ladner and the Presbyterian Reverend Chisholm until they formally organized in September 1889. This was part of the Temperence Movement, which occurred throughout Canada during the 19th and 20th centuries. The KTAS and B of H, of which Revs. Ladner and Chisholm were on the executive committee, held weekly meetings in the Methodist Church and preached messages of total abstinence from alcohol.

In 1911, the Methodist congregation moved to their new building at 421 St Paul.


1886: The building was constructed by a Methodist congregation in Kamloops. It was the first Methodist church in Kamloops.

1889: The Kamloops Total Abstinence Society & Band of Hope was organized at the building.

1911: The Methodist congregation moved to their new building on St Paul Street.

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